Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Outfit Breakdown:

Shirt: Gap Link!
Sweater: Gap I think the same
Pants: American Eagle Link!
Shoes: American Eagle Link!

Sorry about the erratic blogging this week, I was off from work and was just enjoying relaxing (meaning I wasn't wearing many blog worthy outfits!).  I did happen to get out of my PJ's one day and this is the outfit!  I just got these flats on sale at American Eagle.  They are really comfortable, I actually have a bunch of shoes from that store.  Certain stores have a stigma, American Eagle is definitely a store most would consider a "teen store" but I try not to limit myself by labels.  I have found great clothes at stores that are for older women and teens... so my advice is keep an open mind when shopping, you never know where you'll find a gem ;)


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