Friday, February 8, 2013


Boots: Hunter "Huntress"

I didn't get a chance to put together an outfit post the end of this week, but I did take some photos of the blizzard today after work!  I only worked a half day today- and even still it was pretty terrible conditions driving home.  
I'm a good driver but I've always been anxious when driving in the show.  It's so easy to slip and slide and I hate it!  Luckily everyone made it home safe and sound today and we're all just relaxing at home... most likely I won't have work tomorrow but I won't know until the morning, cross your fingers for me!
I'm sure there will be much more snow when I wake up tomorrow, so if I get some good ones I will post them this weekend!
BTW, this is my cute kitty Callie :)  She really wanted to go out and every time I opened the door she just stared haha.  This time she braved it (for about five minutes) so I went out to take some pics of her. Every time I crouched down to get a pic of her she came over and jumped on me, silly cat.  


PS- If you're in this storm, stay safe!

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